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Social Media For Real Estate Agents

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From showing off your culinary skills, to staying in touch with loved ones, to building a virtual farm -- the activities available on social media are as eclectic as they are numerous. One social media use that every entrepreneur should be taking advantage of is the possibility for promotion and marketing. As a realtor, you yourself [...]

8 Ways to Generate More Leads As A Real Estate Agent

By | August 30th, 2017|Categories: Entrepreneurship|Tags: , , |

  For independent real estate agents, the job is about much more than just selling homes -- the foundation for their professional success depends upon their ability to find clients. And when it comes to getting more clients as a real estate agent, lead generation is the name of the game.   In this article, we [...]

The Stress Free Guide to Working ON Instead of IN Your REI Business

By | January 14th, 2017|Categories: Decrease Stress, Delegation, Love Your Business, Meditation, Task Management|Tags: , , , , |

Think back to when you first fell in love with real estate... What was it about real estate investing that made your heart go pitter-patter? What was the pivotal point that caused you to make a career change? What initially excited you about becoming a real estate investor? Whatever it was that made you first [...]