Want to Run A More Profitable Real Estate Investing Company? The Money Is In the Follow-Up

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Has a situation like this ever happened to you…? A motivated seller calls you based on some marketing pieces you sent out. The seller called you when you were in the middle of lunch, so you’re not at your desk. No worries, you’ve got a scrap piece of paper to take notes during [...]

The 5 Tools You Can Use To Give Your Business an Edge, Manage Your Staff, and Run a Highly Profitable Real Estate Business with Extremely Low Overhead

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I have a confession… I'm a junkie . Now before you call in an intervention, let me clarify.I'm a "tech-tool junkie." Which means I love to get my hands on any type of tools that I feel will help me accomplish the 3 Ps: be more PRODUCTIVE become more PROFICIENT (skilled in [...]