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Social Media For Real Estate Agents

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From showing off your culinary skills, to staying in touch with loved ones, to building a virtual farm -- the activities available on social media are as eclectic as they are numerous. One social media use that every entrepreneur should be taking advantage of is the possibility for promotion and marketing. As a realtor, you yourself [...]

8 Ways to Generate More Leads As A Real Estate Agent

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  For independent real estate agents, the job is about much more than just selling homes -- the foundation for their professional success depends upon their ability to find clients. And when it comes to getting more clients as a real estate agent, lead generation is the name of the game.   In this article, we [...]

6 Reasons Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Consider Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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  The internet is one of the most powerful tools available to entrepreneurs in today's world. From expanding your marketing horizons, to improving your productivity, to hiring virtual assistants, the possibilities are virtually boundless.   Unfortunately, not many business owners take advantage of this last option -- even though it is, in many ways, the most [...]

7 Keys to Automating and Scaling Your Real Estate Investing Business Using OPTT (Other people’s time & talents)

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7 Keys to Automating and Scaling Your Real Estate Investing Business Using OPTT (Other people's time & talents) “How a virtual assistant that's been properly hired, trained and managed can help you make more money, close more deals and free more of your time...” Are you a wholesaler, fix-and-flipper, landlord, or property manager that wants [...]

Want to Run A More Profitable Real Estate Investing Company? The Money Is In the Follow-Up

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Has a situation like this ever happened to you…? A motivated seller calls you based on some marketing pieces you sent out. The seller called you when you were in the middle of lunch, so you’re not at your desk. No worries, you’ve got a scrap piece of paper to take notes during [...]

The Secret Sauce to Getting The Results You Want In Your REI Business

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Close your eyes and imagine you’re at your favorite restaurant. Or maybe you’re not much of a restaurant person, so let’s say your favorite fast food joint. You’ve walked up to the counter... ... been greeted by the cashier … taken the time to review the overhead menu behind the counter with the [...]

3 Strategies to Stop Your Real Estate Investing Income From Being Consistently-Inconsistent

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Are you experiencing inconsistency in your real estate investing business to the point that your deal volume and income are fluctuating more than the price of gas at your local Exxon? Maybe you’ve hit dry patches in your real estate investing business when you don't have as much revenue coming in due [...]

The Blueprint to Escape Your Revenue Rut in Your Real Estate Investing Business

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bottleneck: A resource already working at its full capacity and which, therefore, cannot handle any additional demand placed on it. Also called critical resource, a bottleneck limits the throughput of associated resources. That’s a fancy way to say,you’re a bottleneck if you’re spread so thin in your business to the point that [...]

The 5 Tools You Can Use To Give Your Business an Edge, Manage Your Staff, and Run a Highly Profitable Real Estate Business with Extremely Low Overhead

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I have a confession… I'm a junkie . Now before you call in an intervention, let me clarify.I'm a "tech-tool junkie." Which means I love to get my hands on any type of tools that I feel will help me accomplish the 3 Ps: be more PRODUCTIVE become more PROFICIENT (skilled in [...]