What does mean?

When I think of the phrase “better your best” I reflect on how the most prosperous businesses and business owners became successful.

You see, one of the ways you can guarantee longevity and growth in your REI business is to always work to get better and never be complacent.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Tony Robbins

Whether that means taking a course that will teach you how to make more money and recapture your time by using virtual assistants in your REI business, implementing a CRM software that makes your REI business more efficient and productive, or using a new task management tool that saves you time and money – the key is the best businesses are always trying to “better their best.”

The moment you feel like you know it all or you stop being motivated to better your business, is the moment that you start operating a declining business that over time will plateau or fail, instead of thrive, like I’m sure you want.

The goal of this site is to provide you with innovative tools, services, and strategies to better your best business. For you, bettering your best business may mean increased or more consistent revenue, recapturing time from your business to spend with family, implementing systems and automation to streamline your REI activities, or learning strategies to run your REI operations so you’re not a servant to your company and you can start working ON instead of IN your REI business.

Whatever bettering your best means to you, I will give you the resources you need to make that happen.

Is for you?

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” – St. Jerome

Real estate investing is responsible for generating more wealth than nearly any other occupation or investment opportunity. If that’s the case, why are so many real estate investors overworked, over-stressed, and struggling to earn CONSISTENT, PREDICTABLE income?

Some of the biggest challenges I hear investors, just like you, complain about are:

  • Unpredictability of income in your real estate investing business
  • Maintaining a consistent pipeline of buyer and seller leads
  • Having to wear too many hats in your business
  • Inconsistency of your deals
  • Trying to create a thriving business despite increased competition in your market
  • Being burned out because you’ve become a servant to your business
  • Having the desire to be a full time investor but lacking the know-how and resources
  • Lack of focus in your business

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What I’m here to tell you is NONE of those things have to be challenges.

Those only become challenges when you have limiting thoughts and choose not to THINK BIG, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, and TAKE ACTION.

The purpose of Better Your Best Labs (BYBL) is to inspire, educate, and motivate you as a real estate investor to think bigger and better in order to expand your mind and your income.

We do this by showing you the strategies, tools, and technology we use to run a six-figure real estate business with very little overhead and working SIGNIFICANTLY fewer hours than the majority of your peers while focusing on the things that are most important to grow your
business, instead of being bogged down by the “stuff” YOU really shouldn’t be doing in your business.

Some of the creative tools, strategies and resources you’ll discover and implement through BYBL to gain more profits, regain more of your time, and love your REI business are:

  • GAIN MORE PROFITS – The strategies we use that can 10x the leads and income in your real estate investing business
  • REGAIN YOUR TIME – How to acquire financial freedom (working when you want, IF you want, and not worrying about money) by systemizing your business
  • GAIN MORE PROFITS – How to use the internet to market yourself and your business to build a marketing machine that leads to more deals, greater authority in your REI niche, and additional sources of income
  • REGAIN YOUR TIME – Uncovering the technology to keep you ahead of the curve and working smarter not harder
  • LOVE YOUR BUSINESS – All of the out-of-the box strategies and tools we use in our business to generate profits, but more importantly have fun doing it

I will be 100% upfront with you. I’m not a guru – far from it. I don’t have all the answers.

There will be times that I share with you things we’re trying in our business that may work incredibly well and you should apply them to your business – and I will share with you some things that may not have worked as well – but I’ll inform you so at least you know before you invest time, money and effort.

The key is to better your best business by thinking bigger, learning from my successes and challenges, and build a real estate investing business that exceeds small thinking and produces a lifestyle that you love.

That’s my goal. Better your best business by THINKING BIG, THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX, AND TAKING ACTION – so you can gain more profits, regain more of your free time, and love your REI business. Let’s make it happen together!

What You Can Expect from Us?

We’re not a real estate investing site or blog that teaches you how to invest in real estate. There’s a ton of those types of sites around with a lot of good information on any type of real estate investing you might be interested in.

Instead, we focus on helping you make your new or existing REI business better. We do this by sharing innovative products, services, tools and techniques that’ll help you generate more profit, save considerable time, and allow you to truly love working ON instead of IN your business.

Here’s some of the things you can expect from us at Better Your Best Labs:

  • Real estate investing courses that’ll provide you step by step blueprints to make your business more efficient and profitable
  • Training and consulting that’ll make you and your business more innovative and give you an edge in whatever REI niche you’re in
  • Access to tools and resources to help you manage your REI business more effectively while saving you time and money
  • We’ll constantly ask and listen to the challenges you’re facing in your business and we’ll do our best to provide you innovative strategies, tools and resources to address those challenges

So if you’re ready to better your best REI business, go to the Start Here page and take massive action right now!