For independent real estate agents, the job is about much more than just selling homes — the foundation for their professional success depends upon their ability to find clients. And when it comes to getting more clients as a real estate agent, lead generation is the name of the game.


In this article, we will provide a brief overview of 8 strategies for generating more leads. However, if you are interested in a more in-depth look at how you can become more successful as a realtor, then we encourage you to consider taking an online course with Better Your Best Labs.


  • Specialty Real Estate Sites. Zillow, Trulia,, and Homesnap are a few of the most popular real estate sites out there. Though they all have a few qualities that make them unique, each site is built upon a similar concept. They all offer potential clients the chance to view available properties, learn about the home buying process, and, of course, find a realtor. For this reason, you should develop a presence on these sites, along with any local real estate sites that are popular in your area.
  • Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites are not just for sharing pictures of that fancy lunch you had downtown the other day — they are powerful marketing tools that can be used to network and reach potential clients. Keep an eye out for an upcoming Better Your Best blog article that will delve more deeply into the topic of social media marketing for real estate.
  • Snail Mail/Door Hangers. Affordable and surprisingly effective, the possibility of distributing pamphlets and/or fliers should not be discarded!
  • Follow Up With Your Leads. Even though keeping track of potential leads and organizing a logical call/follow up schedule can be challenging, the truth is that this method is an easy and affordable way of maintaining a relationship with leads that you worked hard to acquire.
  • Cold Calling. In most industries, cold calls have an abysmally low success rate. In real estate, however, you have many easily-available resources that can help you identify motivated clients. For-sale-by-owner listings in your local paper are an excellent example of this: your cold-call success rate with this audience can be quite high. Additional resources, such as divorce records, tax-delinquency records, probate estate sales, out-of-state owner sales, etc. can also help you find sellers who are exceptionally motivated.
  • Build Your Website. Every entrepreneur needs a good website in today’s economy — and if you don’t have one, then building your web presence is probably the smartest investment of your time and money out there.
  • Cut down on your response time. The longer you wait before returning a call, answering an email, responding to a text, etc, the better the odds will be that your lead has taken their business elsewhere.
  • Network consistently. People you have a personal or professional relationship with are much more likely to refer you to a friend. This doesn’t mean you need to mention realty in every conversation you have — but make sure that the people closest to you understand the importance of references for entrepreneurs!

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